Control Valves

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Control valves are as individual as your installation and therefore are often an important part of your installation. In this category of valves reliability and quality are often more important than in any other valve category.

In order to fulfill your requirements, we offer a wide range of different valve types.

No matter if control damper, globe valve, rotary plug valve, ball sector valve or sliding gate valve we offer the best possible and independent guidance.

Your contact person for control valves:

Andre Carduck

+49 2405 – 8000 – 34


Software and design

We have a software, tried and tested for many years, to fulfill your requirements. With that we are able to provide detailed information about your system characteristics and your valve characteristics and the optimal dimensioning for your process even in the early planning stages.

Cavitation and other unwanted and damaging operating statuses can therefore be detected in an early stage.

Waiting times for price quotations

With our direct access to the configuration software of the manufacturers we will be able to respond very fast to your inquiries no matter if you have a budget request or specific demand.

Delivery times

Delivery times can be as individual as your valves. To make a delivery in your desired time span possible we consider your desired time span not only by choosing the best possible valve but we are also able to accelerate delivery time with our own possibilities of assembling valves in our workshop in Würselen.


Because of our close connection with the manufacturers and the Göttgens Made to Fit principle we are able to provide excellent conditions.


The medium will affect choosing the right valve in a significant way. No matter if liquid, gaseous, abrasive or lubricating. The right choice of valve plays the key role.


We only provide high-quality products that are approved and used by customers all around the world.

Custom made or standard

Search our products for a standard solution, or contact us for a custom-made industrial valve made just for you.